The most alluring reason why people choose Jaisalmer tour is beautiful yellowish Thar Desert and the must-do attraction is ride of the camel; sheep of Desert.  The city is located 130 kilometers away from the border of Pakistan. I planned a Camel safari tour in Jaisalmer’s the Thar Desert to sleep under the starry night and wanted to explore interior sand dunes villages. The midst of December my bag was in the land of Deserts; that is Jaisalmer.

In the morning at 10 AM, I was fully packed with necessary things to stay in the desert. First I explored Sonar Fort and some other monuments then I moved towards Thar Deserts for having Camel Safari and staying for the night in camp. I was on the way to Sand dunes fields with my guide and domestic friend. We were leaving the city of Jaisalmer on a Jeep and driving for around 40 km. I was more close to myself and smiling that sometimes traveling gives peace to your inner soul.

Smiling! Happy! And excited! Some women and men were passing through the roads; sitting in their bullock carts. As they passed; I heard beautiful soulful folk songs which they were singing. I experienced that rural area people have good vocal quality and great modulations in voice by birth.  I still remembered the lyrics “ Kesariya Balam Padharo Ni Mhare Desh” a famous folk song of the desert Thar. The kesariya balam song is inspired by the story of Dhola and Maru and Rajput bravery, sacrifice and traditions and the desert, Thar.

We were in the desert; yellow sand, thousands of bush bundles, very rocky ground, and wind turbines were seen afar. As I imagined the desert land was not totally empty although there were some interior villages residing in the sand dunes fields. And the basic transport mode is camel for these villagers.

The camel owner was waiting for us to get his camels for riding to sand dunes. I climbed up the back of the camel with the help of my guide and camel owner.

Now it was a thrilling and adventuring time because the camel is not as comfortable as a horse. After some up-down riding experience, I was just near to my camp. The scenery was gradually changing; the sun was going down to the horizon, everything was like orangish, the sand dunes, the bushes, the homes and the sky. Our guide gave us some time to embrace this view. We got down from the camels and started exploring the desert on foot. We took pictures of that panoramic scenery.  We went back to the camel and reached to our camps for having a night in the desert. After dinner, the guide made our beds in the middle of the dunes.

The experience of Camel Safari was too exciting and thrilling but tiredness started because we had spent 4 hours on the camel’s back. This was truly a remarkable experience of plenty of adventuring things. For having great adventuring tour, I highly recommend you to take a desert Safari in Rajasthan. Jaisalmer tour and Camel Safaris are an MUST-DO in Rajasthan.