Holi is an important festival for many people in India which gives the opportunity to people for expressing themselves to each other and put old grudges in the garbage and make relationship from a very refresh way. Holi is a symbolization of the victory of Good over evil and brings positivity among people.  The festival is most energetic and lively which comes at the end of winters and the start of summers. People gather together rub power color -Gulal, Abeer on each other’s faces children play with balloons and throw colored water.

Holi is celebrated in every part of India but if we talk about Rajasthan; the colorful state then we find that more colors added to this Festival. In Rajasthan‘s city Holi celebrated in diverse way, and in Jaipur; holi is not only celebrated by humans but also Elephant get involved in the festival. As Jaisalmer  and Pushakr famous for their Desert festival and Pushkar fair respectively, Jaipur is famous for its Elephant Festival called as Eleholi festival.

The venue of Elephant Holi Festival is the Amber Fort the Jaipur Chaugan or polo field. . The elephant place is become livelier with majestic elephants, folk dancer- singers and audiences from the globe. Elephants adorn with embroidered velvets back covers, glittering in Gold, wear anklets, painted color full trunk, foreheads and body and start catwalk before an enthralled audience. Generally female elephants participate in the festival, These Elephants catwalk with an impressive procession gracefully, play regal game of polo; participate in race and finally in color of Holi. The main highlight is polo game in which player dresses in yellow/ saffron/ red turban and keep trying to make more points from competitor elephants. After playing game tourists are invited to climb up the elephants and play the Holi.

By this festival Rajasthan tourism draws high tourism in this season and revived their cultural calendar by adding the Elephant Festival. So March 2017 is waiting for you to make yourself energetic on Holi festival season. Save the Holi Festival date that is March 13, 2017, Come for Rajasthan village tour and get blend in its color and royalty and then take sweet memories along with your mesmerizing experience of Royal Land. In Rajasthan you will find that the most boisterous part is the Holi Festival and give you wonderful and fulfilling experience.